From Imperfect Parent, May 2008: "Johnson doesn’t spend a lot of time feeling bad about the yelling or the kids sleeping in the grownup bed for years on end or the detoured career. She’s not shopping for a revamp of her body, lifestyle, or parenting skills. She’s not chronicling her life in order to amuse, send up, analyze, or offer tips. Her aim is higher, deeper, truer....Every page is a vivid, funny, poignant scene of power struggles, lost teeth, dead pets, the high drama and humdrum grind of life with kids. Yet there’s more. Cleverly disguised as a collection of anecdotes by a harried new mother who might be just like someone you know, the book is a lighthearted but gutsy meditation on time, mortality and surrender."   -- Julia Gibson, Imperfect Parent, May, 2008.
You’re going to feel every moment of being a mother.
by Juliet Johnson
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You’re also going to be making sandwiches until you die.
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See another mother make mistakes, make messes, make miracles. You are not alone. Somebody’s Always Hungry by Juliet Johnson. Available in hard cover and paperback at new discount prices.
Or perhaps you want to stay for dinner and the night? This was supposed to be a website for a new book about parenting. However, like the collection of stories that is the book, this site has become more: a big, comfy home for moms ... a place to get lost in and figure out that YOU HAVE COMPANY. Search around enough and you will find six stories from Somebody's Always Hungry and other little treasures as well. Stay in your pajamas, have some tea and enjoy all the sweets. We hope you'll like the taste of SOMEBODY'S ALWAYS HUNGRY.
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This book will be familiar whether you have been a mother, are about to be, or ever knew a mother.